Saalerwirt CONCEPT & PRODUCTION About the project Calmness, tranquillity, nature, simplicity is what Saalerwirt stands for and is what we tried to capture. Team dir. Moritz Holzinger prod. Majda Brecelj dop. Hannes Lercher ac. Christopher Kröll edit. Moritz Holzinger

Das Geheimrezept des Apfelhotels

Apfelhotel – Das Geheimrezept CONCEPT & PRODUCTION About the project Just like the secret formula to the Krabby Patty, Apfelhotel has its own secret recipe. Sweat and anger don’t help our thief find out more about the secret formula. To his surprise the employee explains there is no physical magical formula – it’s among […]

Das Rezept zum Wohlfühlen

Alpiana – Das Rezept zum Wohlfühlen CONCEPT & PRODUCTION About the project What does it take for a perfect vacation? Which ingredients are necessary in order for you to have the best possible stay? Don’t worry, we got you covered! Together with Alpiana Resort we elaborated on exactly that. As a result we came […]

Villa Verde

Villa Verde CONCEPT & PRODUCTION About the project It’s all about the vibes, the style, the design & the framing. And about the most delicious vegan cake, of course. For the ones who ever visited the Coffee House of the lovely hotel in Merano know exactly what we are talking about. In it’s subtle […]

Vitalpina – Am I dreaming?

Vitalpina – Where dreams don’t remain dreams CONCEPT & PRODUCTION About the project How does it feel when you wake up and everything seems too good to be true? Taking one step at a time and discovering the pureness of nature. Every sense stimulated, every desire satisfied. Are we still asleep? With Vitalpina, dreams don’t […]