We truly believe in our system and the way it affects our members, our creativity and our overall satisfaction.

Running our business on three main pillars we focus on, those being purpose, self management and holism truly reinvented Kiwitree Films. We went from a chaotic group of friends who hustled day in and out without a defined goal to now running an organisation that focuses on personal growth, efficient processes and creative exploration.

„The better people know themselves and explore their potentials, the better they can help the collective vision.“ – Reinventing Organizations

So, if you feel empathic enough to care about your employees (or soon to be colleagues) let us know!😉 It is one of the most satisfying things for us seeing businesses improve the vibe and spirit within the team – and we’re here to help. We will explain various team-bonding techniques in a playful manner and show you step by step how you can strengthen the foundation on which your business is built on: your team.
Dive deeper

If you want to dive deeper into how we rescued Kiwitree Films follow the link below to a presentation our Kiwi-Dan held on a workshop on democratic business management.

How we work

What? You’re still not convinced? Let’s head over to our values and principles and show you what we live and work by.

Let’s get in touch and pimp up your business!