There is too much to learn, too many people to meet and too many moments to experience just to focus on one thing. That’s why we continually expand our interests and launch new projects.

We might be generalists in what we do but specialists in how we do it.


We absolutely don’t mind sharing knowledge, in fact we love learning too. So wether it is us who are teaching or we get our heroes from abroad to tell us how it’s done, you will find out more about it here!


Sometimes sporty, sometimes cozy… whatever the occasion, we like to throw an event to not only talk filmmaking 😉 Take a look and see you around!


Wanna spice up your business? Next to filmmaking we’re also motivated to bring new methods and concepts forward and help interested businesses to more sustainable and democratic business management.


You wonder where we get our energy from? Our little crawlie friends, be it mealworms or crickets, we love a little experiment. To learn more about our little startup idea check out our website to it!