This is what
we believe in.

Filmmaking always stood in the center of Kiwitree Films. Founded by a group of friends, our passion for creating was stronger than the desire to be leaders. Now we know that a company does not necessarily need to follow classic structures to perform smoothly! 


This what we believe in – this is how Kiwitree works:

#1 This is a
value’s world

Money is what keeps a company afloat. But values, ideas and the people behind them is what keeps a company running! We believe in bringing those values and ideas to the forefront, work with them and … live them.

#2 We killed
the boss

Who needs hierarchies? We work in small teams that are efficient, fast in making decisions and flexible in their constellation, roles and responsibilities. Instead of waiting on an executive’s decision, we are all in charge of our work and its success.

#3 Sharing
is caring

We share responsibilities. There is not one leader pressured to make all the decisions. Instead we make them autonomously together. This way leadership can mean providing support rather than giving orders.

#4 Work in

Why be restricted by rules set in stone when everything around us is ever-changing? Nothing is set in stone and without restrictions we are free to evolve with the times and cater to our client’s wishes.

#5 Freedom

We have absolute trust in all our members. Believing in one another makes us and our work only greater. Every Kiwimember has access to all information. This enables us to take reflected action without having to always consult others.

#6 Kiwi-

Even being an astronaut will get boring after some time. We are free to explore different roles within the company and the creative process, execute different tasks and dare to explore. That is how you achieve the best results!