About the project

Organizer but nicer…

With the Nizer App you can create cool events and find free time events that suit your taste! AFZACK, a very cool organization in our region with whom we’ve worked several times already, actually approached us to do a lively commercial for their new app: NIZER.

They said: ‚With Nizer you can organize everything.‘

We said: ‚Well, let’s put all of the events into one 60 sec video.‘

They said: ‚How many events can you fit in a 60 sec video?‘

We said: ‚Yes.‘

Seriously, we had a fun time working on set with friends and fans of AFZACK from every age group to create this energy-loaded commercial.


dir. Moritz Holzinger

prod. Majda Brecelj

dop. Samuel Heuberger Reichert

ac. Hannes Lercher

gaffer. Jonathan Rinn

edit/color. Moritz Holzinger

bts. Emma Hanny