Immobilien Domus Überbacher

Immobilien Domus Überbacher CONCEPT & PRODUCTION About the project We love him – Friedrich Domus Überbacher will always be a one-of-a-kind character. Let’s dive into a fantasy world and see the glamorous, bright and colourful life of Friedrich. „Immobilien Domus Überbacher?“ What can we say about him… Friedrich is one of a kind. Don’t let […]

Naturafit x Omar Visintin

Naturafit Lana x Omar Visintin CONCEPT & PRODUCTION About the project Omar Visintin is a pro snowboarder and as any other professional athlete he is extremely exposed to injuries and pain, physically or mentally. We accompanied him on his journey of getting ready for the olympics and discovered the many facets of his training. It’s […]

Tratter Engineering

Tratter Engineering CONCEPT & PRODUCTION About the project The perfect mix between smart technologies and the human touch is what makes Tratter Engineering the perfekt partner for Rolls Royce. Take a deeper look into Tratter’s philosophy and approach to solving important problems for their partner. Team dir. Christopher Kröll prod. Christopher Kröll dop. Hannes […]