Edelschwarz Bio Gin

Edelschwarz Bio Gin CONCEPT & PRODUCTION https://vimeo.com/907155628?share=copy About the project Going back to the roots to where the most important ingredients of the alpine bio gin Edelschwarz are found. Waking up early? No problem, we love it (when it’s for a nice shoot) Team dir/dop. Samuel Heuberger Reichert ac. Hannes Lercher edit. Samuel Heuberger Reichert


Saalerwirt CONCEPT & PRODUCTION https://vimeo.com/793797951?share=copy About the project Calmness, tranquillity, nature, simplicity is what Saalerwirt stands for and is what we tried to capture. Team dir. Moritz Holzinger prod. Majda Brecelj dop. Hannes Lercher ac. Christopher Kröll edit. Moritz Holzinger

Luis Trenker x FC Südtirol

Luis Trenker x FC Südtirol CONCEPT & PRODUCTION https://vimeo.com/907159157/a2c3b6b455?share=copy About the project What happens when fashion meets sports? We tried it out ourselves and we figured that the result can only be good, especially when it’s for some of your favourite clients. Team dir. Hannes Lercher, Majda Brecelj prod. Christopher Kröll dop. Hannes Lercher, Samuel Heuberger […]


GUESTNET – CONNECT WITH YOUR GUESTS CONCEPT & PRODUCTION https://vimeo.com/907154295?share=copy About the project How to properly feel on holiday? With Guestnet there is no reason to leave desires open and no wish needs to be ignored. Make the app your personal butler and dream on!   Psst: we recommend breakfast service 😉 Team dir. Moritz […]

Feuerwehr Meran – wer ist dabei?

Feuerwehr Meran – Wer ist dabei? CONCEPT & PRODUCTION https://vimeo.com/448825052 About the project Not your average fire fighters: Meet the crazy dudes of the fire brigade Merano! Fast, reliable and with a slight touch of humor. Coolness and style defined in a new way. What better way to portray exactly that in a perfect symbiosis […]


PANNALÙ CONCEPT & PRODUCTION https://vimeo.com/684690740/ef37c0398d About the project Omar Team dir/dop/edit. Stefanie Aichner

Lost in NYC

Lost in NYC CONCEPT & PRODUCTION https://vimeo.com/755179430 About the project Wandering through the streets of New York our Kiwi-Sam picked up a certain style for fashion videos he stuck to for a long time. Team dir/dop/edit. Samuel Heuberger Reichert

L’Officiel Turkiye

L’Officiel Turkyie CONCEPT & PRODUCTION https://vimeo.com/591720784 About the project Omar Visintin is a pro snowboarder and as any other professional athlete he is extremely exposed to injuries and pain, physically or mentally. We accompanied him on his journey of getting ready for the olympics and discovered the many facets of his training. It’s about his […]

Max Zischg – Creature of the Night

Max Zischg – Creature of the Night CONCEPT & PRODUCTION https://vimeo.com/238972866 About the project Have you ever dreamt of jumping out of your role? Of resetting your whole social life with all connections and friendships? Of being somebody completely else and living freely without being judged? Our talented friend and musician Max Zischg talks about […]

Das Geheimrezept des Apfelhotels

Apfelhotel – Das Geheimrezept CONCEPT & PRODUCTION https://vimeo.com/755036188 About the project Just like the secret formula to the Krabby Patty, Apfelhotel has its own secret recipe. Sweat and anger don’t help our thief find out more about the secret formula. To his surprise the employee explains there is no physical magical formula – it’s among […]