Feuerwehr Meran – wer ist dabei?

Feuerwehr Meran – Wer ist dabei? CONCEPT & PRODUCTION https://vimeo.com/448825052 About the project Not your average fire fighters: Meet the crazy dudes of the fire brigade Merano! Fast, reliable and with a slight touch of humor. Coolness and style defined in a new way. What better way to portray exactly that in a perfect symbiosis […]


Concierge CONCEPT & PRODUCTION https://vimeo.com/669451458 About the project This little project by our 1-woman team Stefanie somehow turned into big cinema. You guessed it right, inspired by Wes Anderson it was shot in a hidden little hotel in Merano. But WTF what is this commercial for!? It’s a concierge app for hotels, in our video […]


Nizer CONCEPT & PRODUCTION About the project Organizer but nicer… With the Nizer App you can create cool events and find free time events that suit your taste! AFZACK, a very cool organization in our region with whom we’ve worked several times already, actually approached us to do a lively commercial for their new app: NIZER. […]

Imperial Life

Imperial Life CONCEPT & PRODUCTION https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/319763989 About the project It almost seems like a fairytale. Flying above the clouds, levitating weightlessly through water and cuddling with warming sheep. These and so many more feelings are possible with the right sleep. The reality is we might not pay enough attention to allowing for the right rest. […]

Bruneck – Dein Abenteuer

Bruneck – Dein Abenteuer CONCEPT & PRODUCTION https://vimeo.com/740016269 About the project Expect the unexpected. Let go of tight schedules and fixed plans. Vacation can be so much more. Adventures don’t exist to be easy but instead they’re made to help us rediscover ourselves. When was your last adventure? Team dir. Stefanie Aichner prod. Stefanie Aichner […]

FC Südtirol – more than a club

FC Südtirol – more than a club CONCEPT & PRODUCTION About the project Sweat, speed and power – three words that perfectly describe how we got to know the FC Südtirol. By following three of its members and diving deeper into their lives and backgrounds we wanted to portray the club and show what it […]

Immobilien Domus Überbacher

Immobilien Domus Überbacher CONCEPT & PRODUCTION About the project We love him – Friedrich Domus Überbacher will always be a one-of-a-kind character. Let’s dive into a fantasy world and see the glamorous, bright and colourful life of Friedrich. „Immobilien Domus Überbacher?“ What can we say about him… Friedrich is one of a kind. Don’t let […]

Tratter Engineering

Tratter Engineering CONCEPT & PRODUCTION https://vimeo.com/742984313 About the project The perfect mix between smart technologies and the human touch is what makes Tratter Engineering the perfekt partner for Rolls Royce. Take a deeper look into Tratter’s philosophy and approach to solving important problems for their partner. Team dir. Christopher Kröll prod. Christopher Kröll dop. Hannes […]